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Working together to bring greater employment opportunities to a former mining neighbourhood

Local residents and businesses are teaming up with their regional authority, Parkstad Limburg, to make plans for a new station to bring improved public transport and greater employment opportunities to this former mining neighbourhood. The station would be on the proposed Avantisline, which would connect Kerkrade-West’s residents with jobs at the nearby Avantis business park as well as in neighbouring Kerkrade, Heerlen, and Aachen (see map below). If the Avantisline does not come to fruition, there may still be an opportunity to create the station. This would rely on extending the existing Heerlen to Kerkrade service to stop at Kerkrade-West.

Key facts

10,000 people live in Kerkrade-West
Modelling indicates that 85% of those using the potential station would arrive by bus, foot or bike

What’s happening?

Community forums

A “project group” including local residents and businesses has come together to work on plans for the station. Suggestions so far from the group include changing the local bus route so that it travels closer to the proposed station and shopping street.
Station Action Plan

The next step in the Kerkrade-West project is to await the decision on whether the Avantisline will be developed. This will strongly influence the Station Action Plan to be developed for the new station.

On the map

Heerlen – Sittard line       Heerlen – Kerkrade line       Heerlen – Aachen line       Proposed Avantisline (approximate route only)

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