School poster to celebrate international trip

Thursday, December 18 th, 2014 · no Comments · In ,
Following on from their recent visit to Aachen and Heerlen, children from Padiham Green Primary School in Lancashire have produced a spectacular poster, proudly displayed in the main school corridor.

Each child is pictured wearing their Aachen “hoody” and they have written in speech bubbles about their favourite part of the trip. The children have also sent Christmas cards to their new friends from the Domsingschule, Aachen’s cathedral school at which the Padiham pupils spent a fantastic day of learning, singing, making friends and playing international football! The cards featured the children’s own drawings of the cathedral. The German children, much to the delight of the Padiham class, have today replied with their own greetings.

See a larger version of the poster (1.3MB)